Based in B-1584, Shastri Nagar,New Delhi, Guru Nanak Holographics is the Leading Hologram Manufacturer in Delhi that has made a permanent mark in the industry by supplying premium quality holographic stickers to clients for years. All the offered products are crafted as per a uniform global standard so that your product maintains a strict identity when it reaches the market. All our professionals are vested to check the quality post manufacturing state.

Labels or insignias are a very critical part of any business because it makes you look distinct amongst the crowd. Labels play a key role in terms of making the product identifiable to its customer. Apart from making a product look distinct it can drive sales, create brand awareness, and brings excitement. We always make sure about laminating the logos as they protect them against external conditions.
The provided stickers are with a unique identity throwing away the possibility of duplicity and imitation of the novel brand. We pattern these stickers in customized designs, shapes (oval, rounded corner, square, rectangular, and round), sizes (varies between 10x10mm and 150x150mm), colors, and patterns as per the requirements of our clients

 We provide the best quality in bulk quantity. All our Holograms, Labels, Shrink sleeve, Printed Shrink sleeve, Shink label, Digital Shrink Sleeve and Digital laminated pouches are available at affordable prices.
Some Key Features

Vibrant color combination
Excellent protection against duplicity
Enthralling design
Tamper proof
Superior visibility
Immediate sticking