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Scratch Labels

Holographic Scratch Labels are a protective overlay that we use to hide pre-printed sensitive information. These are versatile in nature and we can easily find them on a lot of products (on Pin Codes, Passwords, and Prizes to name a few). Also, lots of industries today use these as a means to promote their businesses in the form of giving gifts as presents.

Scratch Card Coupons
Holographic Scratch Card Coupons
Scratch Labels


  • Prepaid Calling Cards
  • Prepaid Top-Up Cards used to re-fill the mobile phone balance
  • Pre-paid Gift Cards for promoting businesses
  • Lucky Draw Coupons/ Raffles Tickets during Bazaars in schools, colleges, and other places during campaigns and festival times
  • Membership Cards to activate the membership with a unique password
  • Debit Card ATM Pins
  • Bank Documents
  • High-Security Purposes